Background and vision

Svenska Studenthus aims to be Sweden’s largest privately-owned student accommodation provider. We are already established in Gävle and will rapidly expand over the next few years through ongoing property construction in Stockholm/Vällingby, Örebro, Umeå and Kiruna.

We want to offer the best study accommodation and be the best administrator of student residences. By focusing exclusively on student accommodation, we can adapt our construction and our management to the specific requirements of student living.

Our geographical markets are the Stockholm Mälaren Valley and a number of selected university and high school locations in other parts of the country. We currently have around 250 properties with a further 700 under construction.


The rapid rate of expansion requires well thought-out and rational construction. Svenska Studenthus has therefore developed a concept based on the industrial construction of wooden buildings, combined with a high level of design ambition which consequently allows significant adaptability to various environments. The main construction material is wood, which is both locally available and environmentally friendly. Wood is therefore often given a prominent role in the look of our buildings.


Behind the rapid development of Svenska Studenthus are several individuals with lengthy and in-depth knowledge of property development and the Swedish property market. Svenska Studenthus is currently owned by K2A and JEFF Fastighetsutveckling.

“Generally speaking, there is a huge lack of student housing. Through Svenska Studenthus, we want to offer complete and affordable smaller housing solutions with high quality fixtures and fittings,” says Johan Knaust, Managing Director at K2A.

“We carefully mapped out the market, the regulations, student’s requests and the financial conditions, all before we even sat down to sketch out the accommodation. By rationally using the whole available area, we have created space for fixtures and fittings that would normally only be found in larger residences, such as a combined washer-dryer,” says Erik Wijkmark, architect at JEFF Fastighetsutveckling.