Student accommodation – we found out what the students wanted

We have carefully charted the students’ accommodation requirements. We know what the students demand and use that information to develop and build smaller high quality apartments at rents that suit the student world.

We have made study visits, spoken with students and carried out surveys in order to understand what the students want in terms of accommodation design and location.  The type of residence that is requested is a complete, compact apartment.  In other words, a smaller ‘self-contained’ residence with complete functionality in terms of kitchen, bathroom, and where possible, also laundry facilities. The kitchen is the function that was ranked highest. The students want a complete kitchen with enough counter space and a large fridge/freezer. We are working with a constant development of layouts to ensure the students can use their accommodation as flexibly as possible.

Our data collection shows that the students’ desires for the exterior include secondary function, location, layout and rent levels. New buildings must of course be in harmony with their surroundings regardless, but also contribute a modern and appealing exterior.


Attractive student accommodation with Student21an and StudBoLyftet

Svenska Studenthus is aimed at the student accommodation market where we can adapt both construction and management to the specific needs of student housing. We want to offer the best student accommodation and be the best administrator of student residences.

We used actual research on student living habits and requests to create a concept for new construction of apartments, Student21an, and a renovation concept, StudBoLyftet. In addition to student preferences, we have also taken into consideration rental levels, rational and efficient construction, transportation, environmental impact, sustainability and management efficiency.

The amended building regulations from Boverket, the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, have reduced the minimum requirements on smaller premises such as student accommodation, but after conducting its own research, Svenska Studenthus concluded that this subsequent type of premises would be insufficient.

It is important for Svenska Studenthus to ensure a residence is complete, balanced and functional – which requires the building to be of a certain size.

Some of the most important conditions for student accommodation as produced and managed by Svenska Studenthus include:

  •   Robust materials that can tolerate extreme wear and tear, plus the relatively high turnover rate of student accommodation, yet which also feels cosy and homely.
  • Having its own management network through its staff with a local presence, and modern customer service systems where a large majority of issues can be dealt with through the company’s website.
  • An overwhelming majority of students want their own apartment without having to share cooking and laundry facilities with others. A self-contained apartment is by far the most requested type of accommodation.
  • Location is ranked highest in surveys on students’ accommodation wishes, proximity to the university and college is valued more than proximity to the city centre. Svenska Studenthus is primarily investing in accommodation that is close to campus
  • Construction costs which ultimately allow for a monthly rent that is affordable for students

Student21an, the concept for new construction, is characterised by ‘the little kitchen with huge possibilities’ and ‘the large bathroom plus washer-dryer’. The kitchen includes a full-height fridge/freezer and an inbuilt hob, whilst in the bathroom we have created space for a combined washer-dryer, carefully selecting materials to create a feeling of high quality.

Each student apartment has two windows, one of which is floor to ceiling, allowing in sufficient light. The fixtures and fittings include ample storage, plus a desk and fixed bookshelf.

StudBoLyftet is a renovation concept, allowing older student accommodation and dormitories to be upgraded to an equivalent standard and function as Student21an. One student apartment at a time can be renovated as the resident moves out, without impacting on the rest of the building. No resident is therefore obliged to have a better standard with a consequently higher rent. However, the rise in standards is requested by a large number of the existing residents. Renovation usually takes under a week, and the resident can remain in situ whilst the work is done.


Lgh interor1 studentbostaden




Lgh interior studentbostaden