How it works


You are welcome to register as an applicant in our property queue. Log in or create an account under My Pages.

We have a joint queue for all out properties, regardless of which area you are interested in. You can choose to ‘register’ for apartments in a particular area or location (also applicable to new-builds) and receive an email when a property becomes available there. However, you are not then obliged to take that property.

To get a place in the queue, you have to be over the age of 17. The space in the queue is personal and cannot be transferred.

The queueing time begins as soon as you have registered. To retain your place in the queue, you must log in at least once every six months. You will be reminded by email before this time limit expires.

Once you have accepted an apartment, you will lose your place in the queue. However, you do have the opportunity to register as an applicant again, but will begin from the start of the queue.


In order to book properties in our property queue, you must:

  • Upload proof of acceptance or proof that you have begun your studies. We will accept proof that you have applied for education. However, you must then provide proof of your acceptance once received. To see what documents that are approved click here. To upload you documents you go to My pages / data – at the bottom of the page you can upload your file.
  • Study at least 50%, i.e. at least 15 points per semester.
  • You must not owe us any rent payments.

Available apartments will be visible online and available for booking for seven days. If you have chosen to subscribe to apartments in a particular area (see above), you will also receive an email when an apartment becomes available that meets your requirements. When booking closes, an offer will be made to the applicant with the most queueing days.

You can book a maximum of three apartments simultaneously. It is important that these apartments are similar, as it is not possible to rank them.


The person with the most queueing days at close of booking will get apartment is obtained via My Pages. When you receive an offer of accommodation as per your booking, you have two (2) days to respond. (You only receive one offer at a time). IF you haven’t responded within the two days, it is assumed you have declined.

You can decline an offer once, but the second time you decline an offer, you will lose your place in the queue.

Ensure that your uploaded documents (course acceptance/proof of application) are correct before you sign. During checking after the signing stage, if it is found that the documents are incorrect, the apartment will go directly to the next person in the queue.


You confirm your agreement to a property offer by signing the rental contract under My Pages. You will need to use a code that is sent to you by SMS. You will also be requested to upload an image of valid ID (driving license, passport, ID card)

Once you have signed the contract, it will then be approved by us at Svenska Studenthus, which may take up to 5 working days.

When you have moved into an apartment, you may stay there for a maximum of 6 years, by which time your studies should have been completed. As this is student accommodation, it is intended for those who are studying.

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