Living with us

Here you will find practical and formal information about living in one of our properties. What do I need to do to get a place on a Svenska Studenthus housing waiting list? When do I have to pay the rent? How long can I stay in my student apartment? Do you carry out tenancy reviews? Can I have a cat in my apartment? You will find answers to these and many other questions here. See also our FAQ.

Requirements for a place on the waiting list and for renting an apartment

To get a place on our waiting list, you must confirm that you are studying or intending to study at a university or college. You do this by uploading one of the following documents: an admission confirmation, an excerpt from Ladok (with your personal identity number and the courses you will be taking) or an application confirmation. Find out more here. To sign a tenancy agreement with us, you must be at least 18 and have no rent debts. You must be studying for at least 50% of the time and gain at least 15 HE credits per term. A tenancy review is carried out twice a year.

To sign a tenancy agreement with us, you must be at least 18 and have no rent debts. You must be studying for at least 50% of the time and gain at least 15 HE credits per term. A tenancy review is carried out twice a year.

The tenancy agreement

When you have signed an agreement to rent one of our properties, you can stay in the apartment for up to six years. You should have completed your studies within this period and the apartment will then be offered to other students on our waiting list. Research students have the option of applying to extend the rental period.


We charge a deposit of 5 000 SEK for all of our apartments. The deposit is returnable upon moving out provided that the apartment is tidy, in good condition and the keys are returned. You will get an invoice at My pages about two weeks before the moving in date for the deposit. If the deposit is not paid you will not get access to the apartment on the moving in date date.

Tenancy agreements for student apartments are personal and cannot be transferred to another person

If you want to sublet your apartment, you must have a valid reason for doing so. For example, you may be planning to study at another university for a limited period and then return to your apartment afterwards. You must have lived in your apartment for at least six months to be able to apply for permission to sublet it. You can sublet for a minimum of four weeks and a maximum of twelve months consecutively. The same study requirements apply to the sub-tenant as to the main tenant. You are responsible for the apartment and, therefore, you are also liable for payments if your sub-tenant damages something or does not pay the rent.

Terminating your tenancy agreement

If you want to terminate your tenancy agreement, the notice period begins on the last day of the month. The notice period is three months for both parties. In the case of some agreements, the period is one month. Your notice period is given in your tenancy agreement, which you can find on My pages. You terminate your tenancy agreement by signing on My pages. If you prefer to send in a form, it is available here. However, you will receive feedback via My pages.

Paying the rent

You pay the rent in advance each month on the last working day of the month at the latest.

You will find your rent slip on My pages. Rent slips are not sent out by post. You will not receive a reminder to pay your rent, so it is important that you keep track of when it is due yourself. If you fail to pay your rent, your case will be passed to a debt recovery company. You will also be required to pay the debt recovery company’s charges.

You can pay your rent by e-invoice. Contact your bank to find out more. The e-invoice service is free of charge. All the payment information is entered and you simply have to approve the payment.

Tenancy review

To rent one of our student apartments, you must gain at least 15 HE credits per term. At the end of each term, a tenancy review is carried out to check that you have met this requirement. You must upload a document from Ladok (with your personal identity number) showing how many credits you have gained. If you do not have enough HE credits, your tenancy agreement will be terminated. The notice period on our side, as the landlord, is three months. (In some cases it is one month. Refer to your tenancy agreement.)

A free term

You can apply for a free term, which means that you will be exempted from the study requirement for one term. You must apply for a free term before the term starts. A free term is only granted once during your entire tenancy period with Svenska Studenthus.