Fault report

To make a fault report you need to log in to My Pages and then close fault report and then fill in the form. There are many faults or problems that you can resolve on your own. You can even take steps to prevent many faults occurring. Here are some tips to follow before you report a fault or problem.

Priority One

Emergency Repairs – Are completed within 24 hours of being reported. These are repairs required to ensure the health and safety of residents, or prevent damage to buildings and belongings.

Priority Two

Urgent repairs – Are completed within ve working days of report. These would be any repairs that materially a ect the comfort or convenience of the residents.

Priority Three

Non-urgent repairs – Are completed within 28 days of report. These would be any repairs not falling into the above categories.




– If the tap stops working, first check the strainer and drain trap before reporting it.

– If the floor drain stops working, remove any hair or similar blockages inside or on top of the grille before reporting it. The bathroom floor drain can often be opened at the bottom or lifted up, so you can remove clumps of hair and similar blockages.

– If water does not drain from the plughole, you can use a plunger to pump clear the bottom valve in the drain. You can also use a knitting needle to help clean out the bottom valve on the washbasin.

– To avoid ruining the sewage pipes and the environment, do not use caustic soda in the drains.

– To avoid blockages in the pipes, do not flush any sanitary items down the toilet.



– For the fan to function optimally, the fan filter must be cleaned at least once a month. For example, you can place it in a baking tray with hot water and washing up liquid, and leave it overnight. Rinse it thoroughly.

– To avoid blockages, do not pour cooking oil and coffee grounds down the sink.



– If there is no power to the apartment, first check all the fuses before reporting the issue.

– If your lights do not turn on, check the ceiling lights are connected properly. If there are three holes, it may be upside down. You should also check that the bulbs and fluorescent tubes all work correctly. Always try replacing both the fluorescent tubes and glow starters before reporting the issue.

– To avoid environmentally-hazardous substances being thrown in the rubbish, take the old fluorescent tube and glow starter to a recycling centre or environmental centre. You must not throw fluorescent tubes in the rubbish.