Moving in and out

Moving in

Collecting the keys

You collect the keys for the apartment from our proprerty manager after 12.00 on the day you take over the apartment or, if this is at a weekend or on a public holiday, after 12.00 on the next working day. Take your tenancy agreement and some form of identification with you. You can also collect your keys at a later date.

Our new apartments have electronic locks which do not need keys. You will receive a mail a few days before you move in with instructions on using the lock.


When you move in, the apartment will have been cleaned by the previous tenant. If the apartment has not been cleaned at all or has been cleaned badly, you must contact us directly and we will carry out a cleaning inspection. If we think that the apartment has not been cleaned, we will have it cleaned by a cleaning company and charge the previous tenant. Contact us immediately and before you move your possessions in. If you move in earlier than the day when you are due to take over the apartment, you must accept the condition that the apartment is in.

Information about the area

Under Our areas, you will find details of the area where your apartment is located. You can also look on the notice board in My pages to get the latest information.

Moving out

There is a lot to think about when you move out of an apartment, including registering your change of address, having your post forwarded, handing over the keys and cleaning the property. Here is a Checklist for final cleaning that will help you to remember everything.

Terminating your tenancy agreement

Normally, the notice period is three calendar months, but some tenancy agreements have a notice period of one month. Look at your agreement to see what applies in your case. The use of calendar months means that the notice period begins on the last day of the month.

The simplest way of terminating your tenancy agreement is to go to My pages – Agreement. If you want to terminate your agreement in writing, there is a form that you can complete and send in here. However, you will receive feedback via My pages.


When you have terminated your tenancy agreement, we will make an appointment with you for an inspection at some point during the two final weeks of your stay in the apartment, so that you have time to repair any damage. During the inspection, we will assess the condition of the apartment and any damage that has been caused.


You must clean the apartment before you move out. Be very thorough and remember that it will take longer than you expect. Go through the checklist to make sure that you do not miss anything. The new tenant has a right to move into a thoroughly cleaned apartment and it is your responsibility to make sure that it is clean. If the apartment has not been cleaned by the time that the new tenant moves in, you may have to pay the cost of having it cleaned by a cleaning company.

Registering your change of address

Register your change of address and arrange to have your post forwarded in good time. In Sweden, the simplest way of doing this is at

Home insurance

Remember to switch your home insurance policy to your new address. Contact your insurance company for information about your new premium and how to arrange the move.


You must be ready to leave the apartment by 12.00 at the latest on the day after your rental period has come to an end. Before you lock the door behind you, take a final look around the apartment and make sure that all the windows are shut. Make sure that you return all the keys and tags that you signed out otherwise you will be charged for them. Here is a list over things that may be charged