Your housing


You must have householder’s insurance when you live in our properties. Without householder’s insurance, you are not protected and may face considerable expenses in the event of burglary, damage, flooding or fire. If you already have insurance, check that it is sufficient for the new property.


It is not permitted to have pets in our apartments. If this rule is broken, your contract may be terminated and you will be liable for the cost of allergy cleaning the apartment.


Smoking is not permitted in our properties, either in the apartments or in the communal spaces. If this rule is broken, your contract may be terminated and you will be liable for the  cleaning/repairing the apartment.


All our properties have broadband at 100 mbit/s from Bahnhof. The fee is included in the rent. There is no specific TV socket in our new apartments. How to connect to the broadband and how to order TV services can be found Here.

It is not permitted to mount a satellite dish or similar to the property, e.g. on the façade or by a window.


Your electricity usage (normal usage) is included in the rent.


The cost of heating the apartment is included in the rent. All tenants pay communal costs for heating. If these costs are too high, this may mean rental costs are increased. Consequently, think about your usage. Do not try to get rid of excess heat by opening a window – use the thermostats on the radiators instead, and always lower the heat when you go away for any length of time. The heating should be set at around 18 degrees during the day and around 20 degrees at night.


Our newly built apartments in Örebro will use of a locking system called iLOQ. You will get a key sent to you approximately two weeks before moving in. This key is not active but will start working on moving day. You will receive instructions on how the key works and how you should proceed after you have received the key. If you don’t live in Sweden contact us, as we will not send keys outside Sweden.


In a multi-dwelling property, the tenants must all respect each other in order for an enjoyable society to function. If everyone behaves considerately, there will be fewer situations that cause irritation or conflict.

Inside and outside the building are communal spaces that should be enjoyable for all tenants. Do not litter (there are rubbish bins and waste sorting facilities) – this ensures the area is clean and enjoyable.


Our buildings have communal areas that all tenants have a joint responsibility for, primarily entrance halls, stairwells and corridors outside the apartments. It is not permitted to use these spaces for storage or dumping. For reasons of fire safety and tenant enjoyment, these areas must be kept clear. The communal areas are cleaned once a week.