Svenska Studenthus will build a total of 286 student residences, across 3 buildings, at Örebro university.

The buildings will be constructed based on the new production concept for student housing, Student21an.

The building construction will be achieved in three stages, with the first being completed in the first quarter of 2016, and an estimated occupation date in the first quarter of 2016. The second and third stages will begin in 2016. The rent for an apartment will be around SEK 4500 per month.





Location Örebro
Total area 6 071 m²
Number of residents 286
Year of construction 2015
Move-in 2015
Architect Erik Wijkmark and Reflex arkitekter
  • On Campus
  • Broadband
  • Communication 150 m
  • Supermarket 100 m
  • Sorting