In October 2014, Akademiska Hus held a land allocation competition for the new construction of student accommodation for Umeå University. In December 2014, Svenska Studenthus received a positive response to the allocation. The final transfer agreement was finalised in February 2015.

The land is earmarked for residential purposes, on which three buildings are to be constructed in a partly urban, partly natural setting. Svenska Studenthus estimates that 280 residences will be created, along with meeting places such as cafés and terraces. The location of the construction in relation to the university, the sports ground, IKSU, SLU, Uminova business park and the University Hospital of Umeå, makes the residences particularly attractive to students.

The buildings will be constructed based on the company’s new production concept for student housing, Student21an. Construction is estimated to begin gradually during the second quarter of 2015. Production in its entirely is estimated to be completed at the end of the fourth quarter 2016.





Location Umeå
Total area 6 084 m²
Number of residents 280
Year of construction 2016
Move-in 2016
Architect Erik Wijkmark and Reflex arkitekter
  • On Campus
  • Broadband
  • Communication xx m
  • Supermarket xx m
  • Sorting