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Student apartments that have everything you need

Lilljansberget is the name of the Svenska Studenthus new student residential area adjacent to the University of Umeå. It comprises a total of 277 apartments spread over three buildings. All three buildings are completed in late 2016, but some landscaping around the houses and in the inner courtyard remain. The student apartments have a high standard with a fully equipped kitchen with a washer and dryer, you can read more about our concept under Student21an. There will also be a cafe in one of the buildings. The area has a very good location, you within walking distance to the University, just as the exercise center IKSU facility. Bus links to other parts of Umeå are good. If you ride bike there is bike lanes just outside the buildings that takes you to the University or to the city center. Nydalasjön recreation area next to the fine jogging track and the lake invites to swimming, canoeing and fishing. In winter you can go iceskating and cross country skiing on Nydalasjön and alpine skiing on Bräntberget. It is about 2 km to Mariehem center where there is a well stocked supermarket and neighborhood restaurant.

Address: Rotgränd 1-5, 907 27 Umeå.

OUR HOUSING – for your sake

Svenska Studenthus build student housings with great view of the prospective tenants’ wishes. Since we know that the vast majority of students want to have their own apartment, where they do not have to share the kitchen and bathroom, it is just that we have focused on, both when we build new and when we renovate existing housing. We also know that the location/closeness to school is something that a majority of students ranked highest, hence we build only student apartments near campus, so even in Umeå. We manage all our proprietary housing, which means we can quickly help you if problems arise. That means it will be easier for you, then everything connected to your home can be managed through our flexible web portal.

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Property facts

Waiting times



  • At Campus
  • Broadband
  • Communication 300 m
  • Supermarket 2 km
  • Outside space
  • Waist storting

General Information

  • Liljansberget consists of four-storey buildings (all with no elevator).
  • The apartments are rented unfurnished, except for a 90 cm bed
  • Broadband, bed, water and home heating included in the rent.
  • Postboxes is found in the entrance to the house.
  • Your key gives you access to the apartment, the entrance and the environment room.
  • Environmental rooms with sorting can be found in the yard.
  • Storage room available for rent

Each apartment has its own combined washing machine with dryer. In one of the houses is a common laundry room for washing spontaneous laundry which will be operational in early 2017.


There will be outside space for all the properties with benches and tables.


There will be bike parking both under cover in the grounds and by the entrance to the building.


There will be a number of parking spaces for Jägarskolan. You must pay to obtain a parking permit.